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Bed Pack Finishing Facilities

In Bed Pack finishers most producers establish a packed area of bedding (corn stalks, saw dust, paper…

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Slatted Facilities

In slatted facilities the cattle live on precast concrete slats where the manure is stored/or…

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Cattle Handling Facilities

Properly designed cattle handling facilities not only make us more efficient, but properly care for…

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Commodities & Feeding Systems:

Location drives the feed.  Feed drives the cost of production.  Feed efficiency drives daily profit/loss…

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MWBS Process and Commitment:

From the first site visit, though the final latch installation, MWBS is committed to 100% transparency.  As the project owner, it is your right to see every cost and payment involved in the completion of your facility.  All projects are invoiced monthly with budget progression shown. With over 20 years in the construction industry we can deliver unrivaled quality and management.