Company History

Midwest Beef Systems LLC was formed in 2019 by Mark & Kate Ehresman. Operations Manager Mark Ehresman began his journey on a farming and feed yard operation in Jones County, Iowa. As the youngest of three, he chose to pursue an education in the medical field. At Central College Mark’s work ethic led to many honors and leadership positions, but it also led him to discover the joy and “need” he had for physically working with others. While earning a Biology degree Cum Laude, Mark would recruit others for weekend projects with local contractors often building decks or replacing roofs. These projects led to Mark being offered a full time position with high end residential builder following graduation from Central (1997). Although he had completed his education for Medical School, Mark knew he wanted to work in the construction field; he also knew he wanted to get married. Mark & Kate married in 1999.

Following 3 years of residential construction and drafting experience with Van Hall Builders, Mark decided it was time to make a move and pursue owning his own business. His easy personality and determined drive allowed him to navigate the never-ending demands of the first time home owner and the dream-home dreamer alike. 2001-2006 was a great time to be a young and aggressive home builder. In 2003 he bought out one of his concrete sub-contractors. In 2004-6 he partnered on several residential and commercial developments. 2006 brought 54 residential completions, 52 employees, countless subs; life was hectic, but profitable. In 2007 the residential market in Central Iowa fell apart; Spec homes stopped selling, prices plummeted. Optimism was conquered by reality. Mark refers to this time in his life as “the humble years.” The business had grown too fast to survive the market crash.  Out of the ashes Mark was able to move forward with his concrete experience and never give up attitude.

2008-2010 was committed to restoration. Mark traveled much of the Midwest pouring structures for the grain and livestock industries. The clientele had shifted from home-owners to engineers and plant managers. Mark believed he was best able to navigate construction with those most vested. Although the work was accomplishing the goals, it was taking Mark away from his young family too much. With four young children, he needed to find a way to be home more and to circumvent the inefficiency of non-vested management. Remembering two cattle projects that he had built for family and friends, he considered a business model. “What if I could build a specific business focused on the efficiency and environmental requirements that beef producers face.” Like much of his life, Mark jumped right in and pursued this dream with a trusted associate.

From 2010-2018 Mark was the General Manager for Iowa Beef Systems building hundreds of beef facilities all across the United States. The state of the art facilities earned countless awards and accolades from industry experts.  Although, he did not own the business, he treated it like his own with a stern eye for quality and customer service. The packing industry soon recognized the value of service and expertise IBS was offering and many projects ensued. Mark had found his “people.” The beef industry has an eye for quality, a demand for excellence, and little room for middle management. Design consultation request began trickling in from neighboring states, regions and even countries. Mark’s ideas and design have been utilized internationally. 

Nearing the end of 2018, it became clear that Mark and the owner of IBS were at an impasse, so Midwest Beef Systems LLC was born in January 2019.  Within 30 days of formation, MWBS had booked enough work to fill the first three quarters of 2019. 

Through the transitions in Mark’s career, a highlight has certainly been his crew of experts. Several members of his leadership team have been with Mark for 10+ years.  Most livestock engineers are familiar with his work. He counts working with beef producers a blessing, with similar core values, drive, and optimism.


Mark Ehresman

Owner & Operator

Mark and his wife Kate live just outside of Huxley, Iowa with their four children ages 11-17. They are heavily involved in their children’s activities, their church and the community. They enjoy family adventures to new places, exploring, and being together.  The Ehresman farm back in Jones County, Iowa is also a favorite destination as it brings everything together; the people, the “work”, and the joy of doing it together.



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