In slatted facilities the cattle live on precast concrete slats where the manure is stored/or gathered underneath.  Rubber matting provides the bedding. Manure handling is determined by the design of the structure.

Slatted Facilities Pros:

  • Labor is limited
  • Bedding is a long term product (3-10yrs)
  • Typically managed at 20-25 sq ft per hd
  • Manure value maximized
  • 100% containment

Slatted Facilities Cons

  • Initial expense
  • Manure must be handled in the liquid state
  • May require additional implement

Time and time again I hear customers comment on the ease at which they were able to increase the size of their operation by adding a slatted facility.  Rubber products have addressed the issue of long term placement of cattle on slats. MWBS has experience with many products and can help determine which is right for your application.

Project photos of Slatted Facilities